By doing a body scan before and after my use of the SmartRoller, I could instantly realize the benefits to my whole body. I felt my core was balanced and the pain in my back, neck, shoulders, legs and pelvic area had decreased. After using the SmartRoller regularly, I feel more flexible, especially when I walk. The pain in my Thoracic area has lessened and I now can sleep on my side without pain. I consider the SmartRoller an essential part of my healthcare. I use the SmartRoller in the morning to get me balanced and relieve my pain and energize me for the day. In the evening I use the SmartRoller to relieve my fatigue and pain. I often use it when I have been driving or sitting for long periods. With the SmartRoller I can take an active role in my therapy in my own home and anytime I want or need with good results.

Stacy Barrows and the Smartroller are on the cutting edge of rehabilitation and fitness. From my perspective as a PT, the Smartroller is one of my favorite tools for enhancing treatment and providing diversification for dynamic strengthening, balance reactions, motor planning, muscle re-education and neural and muscular flexibility. It is a multi-functional, fun, economical tool that would be a great adjunct to everyone's exercise routine.

I have been using the Smartroller in my [Chiropractic] practice for the past two months with great success, and am writing with the hope that the roller goes into production soon. It would decrease the inventory that I have to carry and is much more economical for my patients in that this one piece of equipment takes the place of two separate rollers.

I have seen many fitness and therapeutic products on the market and what attracts me most to the Smartroller™ is how it has such wide application. No other product that I'm aware of allows you to lie on it to improve your spinal mobility as well as stand on it to develop good balance. I see this as having many uses with sports, performance and wellness. I was especially amazed that after doing a body scan and some gentle exercises on the Smartroller™ my sacroiliac pain went away.

Foam rollers can be useful supplementary tools for teaching or exploring balance, body awareness, and use of self. The SMARTROLLER offers new dimensions of comfort and control not available from conventional rollers, for experienced as well as for beginning roller users. It is a useful addition to any somatic practitioner's toolbox.

As a PT, I've always felt a little uneasy using foam rollers with some of my patients because they are awkward to get on and off of and sometimes cause considerable discomfort to my patients' spine and other bony prominences. When I was introduced to the Smart-Roller system, I was instantly impressed with the two distinct surfaces and how user friendly they were. I can get my patients on and off more easily and the gradual radius of one side of the Smart-Roller makes the back and rib-cage feel fantastic! The Smart-Roller is a brilliant system of training that will change the way everyone uses foam rollers. It makes the standard foam roller obsolete.