By doing a body scan before and after my use of the SmartRoller, I could instantly realize the benefits to my whole body. I felt my core was balanced and the pain in my back, neck, shoulders, legs and pelvic area had decreased. After using the SmartRoller regularly, I feel more flexible, especially when I walk. The pain in my Thoracic area has lessened and I now can sleep on my side without pain. I consider the SmartRoller an essential part of my healthcare. I use the SmartRoller in the morning to get me balanced and relieve my pain and energize me for the day. In the evening I use the SmartRoller to relieve my fatigue and pain. I often use it when I have been driving or sitting for long periods. With the SmartRoller I can take an active role in my therapy in my own home and anytime I want or need with good results.
— Sylvia Thatcher, Patient