Minding your Movement

There are many reasons for starting a mindful practice. Research reports a range of benefits, such as improved moods, reduced pain and cortisol levels, relaxation and much more. But not all people have been successful on making this a daily practice and often give up after a short trial.  Professor Adam Burke of San Francisco State University, published a study in EXPLORE: The Journal of Science and Healing that reported if individuals did not select the right mindfulness training, they were more likely to quit. 1  And if you find the right application, you are more likely to continue.

Here we provide you with a simple mindful movement practice that can allow you to find an easy way to settle into a a daily practice for relaxation, quieting your mind and reducing bodily tension. Reach for your Smartroller® and lets get started. 

Here are some smart tips before you start:

  1. Observe your comfort

  2. Move slowly

  3. Do small movements; the smaller the movement, the better the results

  4. Take plenty of pauses or rests

  5. Slide gently off your Smartroller to the floor to retain the benefits

Lets Begin: 

Lie on the floor, legs long and draw 5 imaginary lines, a stick figure including the spine, your two legs, arms and a circle at the end for your head

Once you have scanned your contact with the floor, we will use imagery to draw an internal stick figure which includes 5 lines as seen in the picture. the lines relate to your head, arms and legs.2

Next, lie on your Smartroller, flat side up, and listen to this short recording to follow through with your mindful moves. Once finished, slide onto the floor, gently sustain the benefits, and retrace your five lines. 

Lets Start:


1. Burke, A. Comparing Individual Preferences for Four Meditation Techniques: Zen, Vipassana (Mindfulness), Qigong, and Mantra. Explore: J Sci Healing, 2012 (237- 242) vol 8 

2. Smyth, C. The Idea of the Primary Image in the Feldenkrais Method